Moltron: A Rasa Chatbot for Machine Learning Queries

In this post, we will discuss the features of Moltron an AI-powered Chatbot that answers questions related to the concepts of machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing. Moltron is powered by the Rasa framework. Rasa is a framework for developing AI-powered, industrial-grade chatbots. It’s incredibly powerful and is used by developers worldwide to create chatbots and contextual assistants.

This chatbot is designed to handle some of the most asked questions to chatbot such as what’s your name? how’s the weather? who has built you? and so on. This feature makes it more human in terms of general conversations. Some of the conversations with Moltron are shown below.

Figure 1. Real-time conversation snippets with Moltron chatbot

The Moltron can also detect intents and entities from spelling mistakes as well which generally users do while typing their queries. This feature is really helpful in making the conversation experience more satisfying and interactive.

Apart from that, it can also give multimedia-rich responses i.e., through diagrams, images, and videos, for queries related to the machine learning domain which will help users in understanding the concept.

Figure 2. A multimedia rich response by Moltron

Further, Moltron is learning continuously by interacting with different users on daily basis. Presently, Moltron has trained on some of the basic questions and concepts in machine learning. In the future, we will make it a more comprehensive bot capturing almost all the important concepts in the machine learning domain.

Below is the demo video of Moltron which showed the important features of Moltron chatbot.

The code of Moltron is shared in Github which can be accessed from here. You can also interact with Moltron by visiting this website.


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